Capsters® Runner is made of breathable material and comes in a variety of colours. The special and light weight material covers your head comfortably letting you transpire easily and keeping your head cool! RRP: RM 118

Runner XL

On many requests we have developed the Runner Xtra Long, that covers the chest area and is made of breathable material. The special and light weight material covers comfortably, letting you transpire easily and keeping your head cool! For team sports, contact sports or sports where you use devices: wear it under your shirt for your safety. RRP: RM 148


The Capsters® Football is officially approved by FIFA® and is allowed to be worn in official football matches. It is made out of a soft and breathable fabric for comfort during a match. The headscarf has a fastening device in the neck that releases quickly when pulled. RRP: RM 128


The Capsters Fitness is a good choice if you like natural fibers. It is made of a soft and light jersey, which is suitable for low or medium intensive sport activities. Or match your casual outfit with this sport hijab for an easy day! RRP: RM 108


A simple yet comfortable and safe alternative for covering your head during sports activities at school or within a team. The fastening device makes the hijab adjustable to different sizes and easy to take off in possible dangerous situations in the school gym or on the playfield. The Capsters Team is made of tricot and comes in two colors: plain black and white. RRP: RM 98

Runner Kids

The Runner kids is the smaller version of our most popular sports hijab, the Runner.Suitable for children aged 9 - 12. Only available in white. RRP: RM 118


Capsters Swim is made of lycra that is suitable for both swimming pool and outdoor water. It comes in a variety of colors to match your bathing outfit: black, dark blue with bright pink signature or dark blue with aqua signature. Capsters Swim wraps tight but comfortable around your head. RRP: RM 118

Outdoor (Winter)

Capsters Outdoor is made of polar fleece and closes with a soft fastening device in the neck. The fleece material makes the Capsters Outdoor a comfortable item in cold weather. A cap and shawl in one: ideal for winter sports activities! RRP: RM 88

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