We at Capsters believe in the empowerment of women through sports. By offering a safe and comfortable alternative, the hijab should not be an obstacle in this respect. Our business is built along the lines of trust and integrity and we hope that reflects in our communication with our wearers, fans and resellers.  

Socially Engaged

When Capsters designer Cindy van den Bremen researched the matter of veiling for her graduation project back in 1999, she discovered many new aspects on the issue. With her work and projects she tries to contribute to a better acceptance of the free choice of veiling. Her research resulted in a book called
´Hoofddoeken´ (Hijabs) that she published in 2002; launching a traveling exhibition under the name of ‘Sharing Motives, Insights and Background Info on the Hijab’. Cindy has participated in many panels and discussions over the years, traveling the world to share her views and work from Europe, to the Middle East and even Japan. Cindy has been interviewed globally by the media and has been writing and publishing articles herself.

The Capsters Team continues to further strengthen the social engagement and collaborates with numerous parties.  

Working Closely with Women & Girls

Since the beginning of the design process back in 1999 designer Cindy van den Bremen involved Muslim girls and women in her design decisions. The research was thorough due to the heavy loaded subject of veiling in the west. Up to today, the design decisions are verified with the end users: the wearers of
Capsters from all over the world. We put a lot of care and effort into our designs and value the feedback that we used in the development of our new designs and expansion of our various product lines. We also work with our Friends of Capsters, a group of great women and girls that inspire us and provides feedback on our line of products  


Though Capsters considers the safety issue in regards to the hijab a rather relative issue, it still remains an argument in hijabs & sports. Capsters designs are safer than wearing a traditional headscarf tied around the head. We have been working closely with FIFA, the international football organisation, to end the hijab ban in July 2012. The Capsters designs, in particular the Capsters Football, are in accordance with the following FIFA criteria:

• the same colour as the jersey (please contact us for the possibilities)
• in line with the professional appearance of the player’s equipment
• not attached to the jersey
• not pose any danger to the player wearing it or any other player (e.g. opening/closing mechanism around neck)