Free choice: We at Capsters believe the choice to cover yourself should be yours, and yours only. Whether you want to cover your head because of religious convictions, due to problems of hair loss, or just because you want to keep warm or express your identity, it is all up to you!

Empowerment: We believe in the empowerment of women. Especially with our sports range, we endorse women leading an active life. Therefore, we co-operate with Shirzanan Global!

Design headscarves: Capsters designs are a collection of comfortable and fashionable sport hijabs. A Capsters design is not a simple scarf but has a shape of its own. The Capsters hijabs do not need pins, knots or a separate undercover. We create modern designs in a variety of stretchable materials and different colors to cater your specific sport needs.

Feedback: Over the years we have received a lot of positive feedback from around the globe! Through co-design we use your input, experience and feedback in the development of new designs and expanding our collection. We involve both amateur and proffessional sport ahtletes in testing our prototyps. We have many plans for the future, and put a lot of care and effort into our designs. We would love to hear from you: your experience, feedback or perhaps unmet needs... please send them through our contact form.