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Capsters has been working with great women and girls from the start: women that inspire us, share their accomplishments and give us feedback on our line of products. We love to share a few special ladies with you that we call our ‘Friends of Capsters’. Not only do they love Capsters and the story behind the first sport hijab ever, but in their part of the world they inspire and motivate others to reach their goals. Read more about these remarkable women and why we love them:

Aida OthmanAida Othman
Easkey BrittonEaskey Britton
Indira KaljoIndira Kaljo
Karolina Wan HassanKarolina Wan Hassan
Merve Sapçi Merve Sapçi 
Senny SenSanae Bihaki
Shirin GeramiShirin Gerami
Doaa AwadDoaa Awad

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Malaysia/New Zealand living in UAE/Singapore

This rather tiny but strong woman travels the world to participate in Ultramarathons. Capsters cheered for her when she ran the marathon here in Amsterdam, and she even visited the Capsters studio! Over the years she’s been sending us action pictures from all over the world: running on the high-line of New York City, to training in the desert of Dubai. While living in Dubai she participated twice in the 7 Emirates Run 12 days cross-country for charity with fellow runners and after she relocated to the far east, we connected her to our local reseller Faith in Myself where she recently helped to lead a Run-clinic in Singapore!

"Thanks to Capsters for making my dream come true and keeping my head covered while looking cool, stylish, and with confidence."

Outside fitness and travel, Aida is a qualified Chartered Accountant with experience in financial institutions who also enjoys freelance writing. She blogs at her lifestyle website (SOTG)

List of her running races can be found here at

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Easkey Britton, founder of Like Water, is a surfer and marine social scientist. Her work explores the relationship between people and the sea, using her passion for the ocean to create social change and connection across cultures. It was this curiosity & hunger for adventure led to Iran in search of surf where she became the first woman to surf Sistan-Baluchistan province in 2010 wearing our Capsters Swim.

"I'm guided by a life-long relationship with the sea and belief in the power of the ocean to connect. At the core of what I do is helping people better understand each other and the environment through our connection with the sea."

Her return in 2013 introduced the sport of surfing to women and local communities and is featured in the award-winning documentary film, "Into the Sea” by Marion Poizeau . Easkey continues to facilitate ongoing surf leadership training and workshops, including the Be Like Water program for women. Striving for the same goals, Capsters has sponsored these trips by supplying Capsters Swims. Easkey's experiences of the power of the sea to connect, heal and transform inspired the founding of Like Water in 2017, an evolution of lessons learned from women surfing in Iran.

A list of inspiration of her can be found here
Into the Sea trailer

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Bosnia living in USA/Saudi Arabia

Indira Kaljo was playing professional Basketball overseas, but had to stop once she decided to wear the hijab due to the FIBA hijab-ban. In 2014 she initiated the #FIBAAllowHijab campaign that attracted over 132.000 people worldwide to sign the petition. In May 2017 the International Basketball Federation finally approved a rule change to permanently give players the ability to wear religious headwear during competition.

"I absolutely love the Capsters Runner: it fits perfect and is very comfortable!"

Indira is currently an Athletic Director at the American International School of Jeddah and is playing basketball in Saudi Arabia. She is president of Global Aktivne, a non-profit organization that empowers all women globally while focusing on Muslim girls and women to engage in sport, living healthy lifestyles, and working together to help others.

A video of Indira shooting hoops for Capsters can be found here at

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One of our loyal Capsters fans is Karolina Wan Hassan. When she was badly injured she traveled to America to recover and discovered Aqualogix, which she introduced back home in Malaysia after she returned as an certified instructor. She’s been promoting this sport thoroughly in her region as a Master Trainer of Aqualogix Malaysia and EcoMove Founder of KarolinaWH.

“I really want to thank you for the scarf and have been using it all the time when I'm doing my aqua workouts… it was marvelous and I love it.”

She has been wearing our Capsters Swim from the start and promotes it to her pupils. In a lot of her pictures of classes in the swimming pools in Malaysia you can spot our Capsters Swim! Saillant detail: not only is Karolina a mother of 9 children she has also has grandchildren but remains an active grandma!

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Merve Sapci is the first female professional basketball player in Turkey. She discovered Capsters through her international basketball friend Indira Kaljo who has been fan of Capsters for years.

"Every girl needs to have a Capsters, they are so comfortable and amazing!"

When we were visiting Capsters reseller Modanisa in Turkey over summer 2017 we invited Merve to join us. She now represents Capsters as ambassador in Turkey for Modanisa . We are very pleased to got to know such a talented and determined athlete in person and hope she will continue to stimulate girls and women to pick up on the sport they love.

A video (in Turkish) of Merve can be found here at Merve on YouTube

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Sanae Bihaki        

The Netherlands

Lovely Senny Sen started Karate when she was only 7 years old since her whole family was involved. Though she stopped for a while during her studies, she has picked up karate and point fighting over the past few years, not only competing but also being a referee. She travels Europe for competitions. She couldn’t find a suitable hijab for sports but through her cousin she discovered Capsters and has been a fan since.

“Thank you for allowing me to be part of the Capsters Family! “

Due to her persistence and positive appearance we invited her and her sister for a Capsters photo shoot here at the studio. You can find her on our website.

A video of Senny can be found here at Senny Sen on YouTube

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Iran living in UK

Impressive story here: young Iranian women opening the way for hijabi women in sports. She is Iran’s first female triathlete competing in a world championship. She travels the world to train and compete and even accomplished the Iron Man!!! In daily live Shirin doesn’t wear hijab, but she chooses to wear hijab in competitions to represents her home country Iran and pave the way for other hijabi women!

“My incentive to get permission from Iran was on one hand to encourage women that regardless of what they wear and their beliefs, they can still participate in sports, and on the other hand to provide a solution for women who want to participate in sports whilst covered.

Her aim is to continue to spread this message through competing for Iran and fully covered in the future races. In 2016 Shirin was choosen as one of the BBC 100 women. We are proud to have Shirin Gerami as Friend of Capsters in striving for our joined effort: empowerment of women through sports.

Her TEDTalk can be found here at TEDTalk on YouTube

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Egypt living in Qatar

Doaa started with both swimming and Taekwondo at the age of 6 and developed a passion for sport. By the end of 2016 it was time trying something new challenge herself physically: she became a triathlete. ‘Triathlon changed my life; it made me healthier and revealed my inner strength. I love the sport so much because it doesn't discriminate between size, ability or gender. Everyone who crosses that finish line is a winner.’

“ I am extremely happy to have found Capsters Runner in my search for triathlon gear. It is part of my racing and training gear. I wear it during running, cycling, and even during racing: it is light, breathable, and matches with my trisuits.”

'One can really start from zero and get to where she wants just by being consistent. I have hopes for being a professional triathlete, but that is a very long way to go.'